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Why call it good?

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As we approach this Easter, which will be my 89th, I share some thoughts with you…

When I was a lot younger, even though I realised the significance of Good Friday, I couldn’t understand why it was called ‘Good’. But this short poem put it very clearly:

Good Friday, why call it good,
When on that day God’s Son was crucified?
He knew such grief and sorrow as He died.
His friends, appalled and shocked, their faith so dim,
They hid themselves in fear, deserting Him.
Some people mocked and laughed to see him there,
While others shrugged and showed they did not care.
Why call Good Friday good?

Good Friday, why call it good,
When evil seemed to shout and say “I win”,
And showed the awfulness of sin?
But God was there, with plan and purpose too,
A wondrous reconciling work to do.
For there He wrought salvation through His Son:
A victory over evil there He won.
God made Good Friday good!

Good Friday, I call it good,
For on that day the Saviour died, for me!
He died, that I a child of God could be.
He bore my sin and took my guilt and shame
That I might be forgiven in His name.
Much I don’t understand, but this I know
That Jesus died, because He loved me so.
I call Good Friday, Good!

The Lord Jesus lived in human form on this earth for just 33 years, and while many of those years are hidden from us, the 4 Gospels have much to tell us about the final three of them.

But do you realise that of the 89 chapters in those four Gospels, 52 of them deal with the last 6 weeks of that Gospel story! How significant is that!

Eric Porter
(5pm congregation)

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