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Mission of the month + 2018 Strategic Focus

Church Governance, Missions

Mission of the Month Update – Anglicare

In February, our Mission of the Month giving is directed to Anglicare Community Services. Anglicare’s overarching approach is as follows:

  • Our Vision: Jesus Christ honoured, lives enriched and communities strengthened
  • Our Mission: ‘Serving people in need, enriching lives, sharing the love of Jesus.’
  • Our Values: We exist to share the love of Jesus and value all people as made in the image of the living God. Our faith gives us meaning, purpose, direction and hope as we seek to live lives pleasing to God. This inspires us to act with integrity, justice, compassion and excellence.

Anglicare’s services across the Sydney and Illawarra include residential, respite and home-based aged care, retirement villages, refugee services, counselling, family relationship services, emergency food relief, chaplaincy in aged care, hospitals, prisons and juvenile justice, and social policy research and advocacy work and still more!

So donations to Anglicare via EFT (“Missions”) or the duplex envelope in February express the love of Christ. Well done to all those who already supported Anglicare’s SHIFT program for families at risk of homelessness as refugees or from domestic violence through participation and sponsorship in the Australia Day Aquathon – a great community fitness event!

Strategic Focus and Flow

No Parish Council meeting in January to summarise, so let’s remind ourselves of how we try to bring strategic focus and flow to our ministry year via the ‘4Es’. We align school terms with a ‘discipleship flow’ of (i) Engaging, then (ii) Evangelising the community, and then (iii) Establishing believers in the faith, and (iv) Equipping them for ministry.

Some people are very ‘far away’ from Christ and may not have ever spoken meaningfully with a Christian person. We need to connect and engage with them.

Others have met with Christians in some way, but they need to hear the gospel of Jesus; that is, we need to evangelise them.

For those who have responded to Jesus in faith, their next step is to be established in Christian basics, and to begin growing in Christ.

Finally, we want to equip all Christians to serve their church and help others move along this same discipleship pathway, by specific training, teaching, mentoring, encouragement, and prayer.

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