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May Mission and Parish Council Update

Church Governance

Mission Update – CMS (Church Missionary Society)

In June, Mission of the Month giving is directed to our link missionaries with CMS. Please remember that locations in which some of our link missionaries serve are sensitive both religiously and politically. So we will not mention their location in public. When praying for them at church, we can use their first names only. And in written publications, we will only use their initials. Here are some prayer points from each of the families.

D & L, with their son, M, in Asia: pray for coping with poor air quality. Pray for balancing their schedule as they homeschool M and continue be involved in different activities outside of the home. Pray for wisdom and protection in relating to locals as the atmosphere seems to ‘tighten up’. Pray for wisdom in meeting with local ‘club’ leaders and also in relationship counselling. Pray for benefit to flow from the classes D teaches at the university, and for the provision of more English teachers for the campus. They will visit us in Term 3 this year.

Mal and Charissa Forrest, with children Aidan, Sasha and Toby, serving the International Anglican Church in Amman, Jordan: Pray for the families leaving this month to settle in their new locations. Pray that we might have energy to welcome and care for the many new people he brings along to our services week by week. Pray that the summer break would be refreshing and productive. Pray for relief of those suffering in Gaza.

S & K, with their daughter, J in Asia. Praise God for wonderful opportunities to teach at a local group, and especially to connect with a few local believers. Pray that the locals might turn to the source of life. Pray for growing friendship with their language teachers, for patience, and that J continues to flourish with new language.

Parish Council Update – May
  • As always, we opened with Bible reading and prayer, this time led by Greg Engel.
  • We received a report from our Safe Ministry Rep, Mia David, highlighting the fact that we have well over 100 people trained and verified to work with children. She made a few other wider safety recommendations, for example, regarding a strong encouragement for people to reverse park wherever possible in our grounds. Likewise, for hall access, we prefer side door to be locked after entry and to rely on the double doors for people’s access during events.
  • We agreed to purchase a couple of ‘right turn only’ traffic signs to install on our car park exits to ensure those leaving do not turn into on-coming traffic.
  • The Parish Council adopted a local Domestic Abuse policy flowing from the policy recommended at Synod last year (under Sandy’s chairmanship), which will appear on the hall noticeboard. We are also collating all our various policies with a view to better storing, communicating and reviewing them over time.
  • We appreciated strong attendance at the Term 2 Prayer Summits.
  • Sandy commended Andy’s chairmanship of the KYCK convention which saw over 6000 youth (including ours) impacted with good Bible teaching over 3 weekends in April.
  • Luke reported that our heritage architect has visited and begun work on upgrading our Conservation Management Plan for Cathedral and halls.
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