I encourage every believer if at all possible, to take a little time to reflect on their directions, resolutions, and habits for a New Year of following Christ. What follows is some food for thought in assisting in that process.

The ‘Subversive Habits’ Approach to Changing Your Primary Story
This is actually part way through a series, but is a great way of thinking about new habits in the new year, beyond just “read the Bible more regularly” or “pray consistently with my family” (which would still be good)!

This CEO Just Brilliantly Explained How Remote Work Will Change the World…
It was helpful and my top three take aways to discuss…
1. Life-work, not work-life.
2. Outcomes, not hours.
3. Written, over spoken.

Using the PrayerMate app to help you pray
This free app has been profoundly helpful to me in organising my personal prayer life. This article explains how it works. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Insanely Normal Times: Why TGC Will Read Through the Bible Again in 2021
Plans are never fool-proof; who knows whether next year will be any more “normal” than this one has been. But this much we know: no Christian who decides to read through the Bible in 2021 is ever going to look back and think, That was the dumbest thing I ever did. 

9 Tips to Increase Concentration Levels
Michael Hyatt “In the distraction economy, focus is a rare commodity.”

What Quarantine Rhythms Should Families Make Permanent?
“[I]dentify the family rhythms you want to protect. While there are ways 2020 has felt like a frustrating detour, by God’s grace it might help many families get back on track.”