3 April 2019

During the month of April, St Michael’s Mission of the Month is the Uni Bible Group at the University of Wollongong (part of AFES, the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students).

Evangelism is the sharp edge of mission on campus. Evangelism is also our current seasonal focus at St Michael’s. Autumn is ‘E’ for Evangelism.

To bring the two together, here are three stories of evangelism on campus. I hope they give you a glimpse into campus ministry and encourage you in speaking of Christ this season…

Story 1:

Michelle grew up in a Christian family in Malaysia. But with FOCUS (the ‘Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students’) and Uni Bible Group, she grew considerably in her understanding of Christ. During our annual ‘Jesus Week’ on campus, Michelle met another Malaysian named Grace. She invited Grace to the ‘Jesus Is Why’ evangelistic talks. Grace came to the first talk, the second talk, the third talk and finally the fourth talk at FOCUS on Thursday night. (I don’t know anyone else who came to all four talks!) That Sunday I met Grace at our 11am Easy English service. Grace continued to read the Bible, she understood the gospel and she placed her trust in Jesus. Like Michelle before her, Grace then grew considerably in knowing Christ. At Christmas Grace invited two Malaysian friends to the St Michael’s Christmas Eve service. Notice the chain! Believers shared Christ with Michelle, Michelle with Grace, Grace with others.

Story 2:

Tim met another Aussie, James, on-campus and asked whether he thinks God exists. James wasn’t sure, saying, “There’s probably something out there”. James politely declined Tim’s invitation to meet again. But a week later James attended Tim’s Bible study group. James quickly finished reading Mark’s Gospel himself and continues to meet with Tim to read the Bible. Tim looks forward to accompanying James to the Mark Drama performance on campus this Easter. Notice the open invitations and personal follow up.

Story 3:

Peter needed a short-term housemate before he was to marry his beautiful bride later in the year. He found Jay* who was also from China and connected to the university as a visiting research fellow. Peter and his fiancée took opportunities to share the gospel with Jay during dinners. They also invited him to FOCUS and St Michael’s 11am Easy English Church. Jay continued learning from the Bible of Jesus’ rule, his own sin and God’s judgement. He turned to Jesus in repentance and faith. Jay then spoke of Christ with others, including at a Chinese New Moon Festival Evangelistic Dinner on campus. He was baptised in January and is now living with Christ as Lord in China.

How have you seen the gospel growing (Colossians 1:6)? How did it come to you? Who shared it with you? Who established you in it or called you back to it? Who have you seen grow in it? Who can you prayerfully share the gospel with and invite to church?

Jon Baird
Sunday Assistant Minister at 11am Easy English Church

*Please note: A pseudonym has been used to protect this student’s identity.