Drowning in an Ocean of Encouragement

After reading this Challies’ article I knew I needed to pray to about being renewed in intentionally encouraging others. “There are not many who receive so much encouragement that they never have reason to feel doubts, never have reason to grow weary, never have reason to be tempted toward despondency. There are certainly none at all who are at the least risk of too much truly biblical encouragement.”


3 Questions for your friends

Published last August, but just so simple and helpful… If you won’t read it, at least consider the 3 questions. Is there someone you could direct one of these questions to?

  1. Would you like to come for dinner?
  2. Would you like to come to church?
  3. Would you like to read the Bible?


The significance of sex — can it be recovered through consent alone?

It’s good to see the ABC publishing an opinion piece like this which challenges the often shallow, individualistic and recreational views of sex that shape our modern world. I had a couple of quibbles with details, but Christians can be helped in our own scriptural intuitions about sex by reading a little ‘moral philosophy’, as it’s called.