28 February 2019

We were rescued by God’s word. By His message. Jesus was that message.

His message is about love and rescue; rescue from what we deserve, into God’s love, kingdom and family forever. This message is very good news. It is words. As Christians, we were saved by God’s words, likely told to us by someone. As rescued people, we have the great privilege and joy of being part of God’s rescue plan for others. And to do that we need words—the same words (or message) that saved us!

Words can be tricky! So how should we get the message across?

Sometimes we think to ourselves, “I could never do that. I could never tell God’s message properly.” I used to think that way, but as I discovered more about my own rescue, through gratitude and thankfulness, I gradually learned to appreciate the rescue and love my rescuer.

So now, I want to share God’s rescue plan with others, to see them move even a little bit further away from death to life. Being rescued makes us all part of the rescue of others—and this is done with our words. Telling God’s good news of rescue in Jesus is the most loving thing I can do for anyone. Why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Sometimes we think to ourselves, as it’s so important to share God’s word properly, we should use the most specific or technical words possible. However, if our motive is to love God and love our neighbour by being part of rescuing some through telling God’s good news, then the most important thing, I think, is to speak words that the person can understand. I need to make sure I am clearly understood, not for my benefit, but to be clear to them.

If they speak only Nepalese, that might mean I learn their language. If they speak English, but their English is limited, then I speak in limited English. God’s message of rescue is so simple that even though it is deep and profound, it can be told with simple words. And I think everyone’s English is limited to some degree. Only a few who have spent years in theological training can understand the very technical words.

I think if we know our rescue and our rescuer, even a little, then we can share that much. No big words needed. In fact, it’s probably better if we use ordinary, simple words. Words that we already know.

But telling God’s good news means we need to know it. It also involves practice, having a go, making mistakes, getting embarrassed, feeling inadequate, and then trying again! We can be bold and have a go because, in the end, it’s God’s work, not ours, and He will help us do it.

Our God loves to seek and save the lost.