10 February 2017

(Image above: Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, interviewed by series host, Karl Faase.)

Following the first topic on Suffering (buy online here) in our Towards Belief video discussion series, here are some resources on suffering for further reaction and study.

Browse the descriptions and pick and choose what sounds most relevant…


Books on Suffering and Pain

Several of these books are published by the Aussie Christian publisher, Matthias Media, on whose board Sandy serves – where possible links are to their web-store. Otherwise search at Koorong (Australia) or Amazon (elsewhere).
  • If I were God, I’d End all the Pain – by John Dickson – a brief look from a popular Christian historian and author (who is interviewed in “Towards Belief”) at how different religions grapple with the problem of pain, ending up with what we can figure out about it from Jesus.
  • Hope Beyond Cure – by David McDonald. The book Sandy has given away more than any other to those facing life-threatening illness. Short, powerful, realistic, positive. (Sandy’s review is here.)
  • Together through the Storm – by Sally Sims – a well-informed, pastoral, very practical guide for every Christian to caring for people going through tough times.
  • Suffering and Evil – by Scott Petty. A quirky, humorous, but serious look at the topic in the “Little Black Books” series for teenagers and young adults.
  • How Long, O Lord – by Don Carson. A premier evangelical theologian looks deeply at the theology of suffering. Food for thought, which does not shy away from difficult questions.
  • Christians Get Depressed Too – by David Murray. A short helpful Christian look at the topic of depression and anxiety from an experienced pastor, not ignoring the insight provided by the medical profession (his wife is a doctor), but not leaving it all to medicine either.