15 February 2016

Friends, what stops me making God and Jesus a bigger part of my life?

Is it fear of what people would say?

Is it that sensible living is commonsense, and the Gospel doesn’t come into it?

Would it affect my employment and security and standard of living, or friendships and other relationships?

The writer of Psalm 73 starts by looking at his world, and sees that those who stand by God look like losers. The winners were people who didn’t consider God in their lives.

Until he stood where God stands, and looked from God’s view.

I find this so helpful in living the Christian life. I find the more I look at things from God’s point of view, the more I see the way things really are. There is a bigger picture, a bigger truth than the truths I can see with my eyes. There is also God and what he says is real.

The problem is… my eyes can’t see those things. I need to trust what God has written, what he has promised in the Gospel: his rescue plan in Jesus. Living by faith, trusting in God’s promises is hard. But it’s not quite so hard when I am at church on Sunday, or with God’s people during the week, or reading the Bible and praying quietly myself each day.

God’s view is that this life is a chance to be a part of the thing closest to God’s own heart – seeking and saving the lost. What a privilege and honour he gives me to join His work!

God’s view is that however tough life is, it can’t compare to how good it’s going to be when Jesus calls me home.

God’s view is that this life is only for a few decades, then I receive the inheritance he has given me and life will be generosity poured over me by God my Father, in abundance every day, always full of new surprises he will delight to give me.

Psalm 73’s writer finally saw reality – that he wins because he has God and not merely His stuff. He sees that those winning now will lose. They will stumble and fall and not even finish the race. But he will cross in first place, and be received with glory by God.

Father, help me to live more by faith, and less by sight. May I be able to say to the good things available to me – “That is lovely, but I can do without it, because one day I will have even better!” May I make you my refuge through Jesus, and not the comforts of this world, so I can tell of your wonderful saving work in him.   Amen.

Warmly in Christ,

Joe Radkovic

Evangelism Minister