Getting to Know a new Archbishop


An Historic Moment at Synod

Video of our first non-Anglo Archbishop-elect, Kanishka Raffel, and his wife, Cailey, being welcomed and prayed for at Synod after his election, followed by Kanishka’s brief and brilliant remarks. If you can’t watch it all, watch Kanishka speak from 6:30min.


Hear the back story of Sydney’s new Archbishop

Richard Glover on ABC Sydney interviewed Kanishka, and you can listen, or read the transcript via this link. Here’s a little extract: “…and the person of Jesus just emerged from the pages with vitality and vibrancy, and he was unusual. He wasn’t like the Buddha. He had friends and enemies. He got into verbal skirmishes and worse, in the end, and so I found his character intriguing and provocative and compelling. And ultimately, of course I decided I was for him.”


Sydney’s new Anglican Archbishop faces an enormous task

Michael Jensen introduces our new Archbishop to NSW in the SMH in a way that should help all understand the magnitude of our task together.