Ever wondered how primary Special Religious Education (SRE) works? I mean, some of us may have been taught scripture at school, others, like myself, may have only seen it for the first time when they started training to teach. But how is it that we actually get time to teach? Where does our curriculum come from? We have large fundraisers for high school SRE, but who funds primary teachers, their training and curriculum?


The answer in part to that last question is you! Through employing me, and previously Andy, you are ensuring that more and more teachers are being trained by certified trainers (us) to take the good news to approximately 175 children in 4 local schools around Wollongong (Wollongong, Coniston, Gwyneville and Keiraville Public Schools). The 12 teachers in these schools, as well as 5 more from St Michael’s who are serving in schools further out such as Mt St Thomas, Figtree, Oak Flats and Shellharbour, offer their time freely to serve our community in this way. This year saw Eden Williams and Jake Parker join our team and boy do they each love their classes well in the way they teach and listen to the children.


Our curriculum and training for the trainers themselves are written and run by Youthworks, who also advocate for Christian SRE and liaise with the Department of Education to ensure that policies are in place to allow adequate time and opportunity for SRE to be taught.


We would love your ongoing prayer that our great God would speak powerfully through our SRE teachers as they share the gospel with hundreds of children through sacrificial love and word. I would also love to hear any stories or memories you might have of your scripture teacher or perhaps that of your child’s, there’s little more encouraging to an SRE teacher, other than witnessing a changed heart, than hearing how SRE has had a positive impact on someone’s life. So, here’s one for you!


Feeling like one of our local schools was really finding it a pain to host us (Christian, Muslim, Catholic and Ethics), we prayerfully and consistently returned each week eager to teach about our Lord. With an invite from his SRE teachers, reinforced by one of the boys from our church (his mate) young Jack* joined us at Kids Club. Jack was so thirsty for the truth of our Saviours grace and after hearing of it through SRE and then again at Kids Club his heart was softened until one afternoon in our church hall he said he really thought he believed it. After being asked if he trusted in what Jesus had done for him and wanted to spend his life following him, he said yes! And what a great day that was!


Through SRE Jack was engaged in thinking about the truth of the gospel and Kids Club allowed the freedom to evangelise the lost more directly by being able to ask him personally if he’d like to give his life to Christ. Jack continues to be engaged by SRE and loves to spend time in God’s word.


*name changed for privacy


Meaghan Gates
Children’s Minister