Mission Update – CMS

In September, Mission of the Month giving is directed to CMS (the Church Missionary Society), through whom we support:

  • Mal and Charissa Forrest (International Church and school teaching in Jordan).
  • Karina Brabham (missionary in training at St Andrew’s Hall, heading to France)
  • Roger & Noriko Dethlefs (CMS associates in Japan, supporting other missionaries there, and tertiary student work)

September is also the month we receive our Annual Thanksgiving Day appeal, where every cent raised goes to support ministries that have an impact beyond St Michael’s. Here are the projects Parish Council has agreed to support in 2021:

  • Support one theological student, Ash Braithwaite for a ‘book gift’ (target: $1,000), and three trainees, Mitch Walker, Rachel Chin & Caroline Chege, for book gift ($500 ea.).
  • Support Matt & Kate, training and serving in the Arabian Peninsula – target $5,000.
  • Support Anglican Aid for PhD studies of Shadi Anis, Alexandria School of Theology – target $4,000.
  • Diamond Women – helping women face an unplanned pregnancy with compassion so they should not feel “that there are no options left for her” – target $2,000.
  • NCNC – building New Churches for New Communities – target $4,000, with this project also to receive half anything raised in excess of overall targets.
  • BCA – Bush Church Aid, subsidising ministries in remote and rural areas – target $4,000, with this project to receive other half any excess of overall targets.


Parish Council Update: August

  • We began with a Bible reading (Psalm 147) and prayer, and a ministry report from Stacey Chapman, our esteemed Assistant Minister. We gave special thanks for her progress with Leaders’ Development Days and the new Ministry Training Year.
  • We spent significant time noting discussing the implications of Sandy’s appointment as Dean of Sydney. The wardens noted a p/t Locum is appointed by Bishop Hayward (later announced as Anthony Douglas) to start 8 Nov after Sandy’s last Sunday.
  • The replacement for Sandy is the Archbishop’s appointment, with concurrence of the Cathedral Chapter. The 6 St Michael’s people on Chapter at present are Michelle Read, Stacey Chapman, Peter Kell, and the 3 Wardens: Greg Engel, Rob Thomas and Luke Thompson. The Chapter is chaired by Bishop Peter Haywood.
  • It was agreed that at present it isn’t wise to press on with long term senior appointments such as Andy’s replacement. We noted Meaghan as children’s minister has training and involvement in youth ministry. We also agreed that shorter-term appointments e.g., regarding local trainees ought to continue.
  • We received the notice about UOW’s proposed sale of Marketview view lease, and noted we have good support from Church Property Trust and Kells the Lawyers.
  • We agreed to variations regarding the cross replacement and bell refurbishment and the replacement instead of repair of guttering accompanying the roof repair works.
  • We discussed details of a farewell for Andy – stay tuned for details.