Mission Update: CMS

Before our link missionary, Karina Brabham heads off to France, she’ll be commissioned as a way to mark her sending out with CMS. The commissioning service will be taking place on Saturday 15th January at 10:30am at The Bridge Church. She would love for you to join her- whether in person or on the Livestream – as you partner with her in gospel ministry. Please let her know if you plan to be there with you RSVP to kbrabham@cms.org.au.

Also, for anyone who does intend to come, if you drive it’s worth being aware that you’ll need to leave time to find a car park on the street and to be checking parking signs as some streets are timed on the weekends. If convenient, Karina would recommend taking the train as the church is only a short walk from Milsons Point train station. See photo below.

Parish Council: December

  • We opened the meeting with a bible reading and prayer
  • Liam provided a brief summary from the staff planning conference including:
    • Development of a preaching program for 2022 (this will be made available in due time)
    • A discussion and draft plans regarding mobilising people for ministry & celebrating existing ministries. In particular, how to recruit people to grow them in and for various ministries
  • New light fittings and painting has been completed in the downstairs ministry area
  • Still approximately 3% (~$20K) behind budget YTD
  • In November Australian Heritage Restorations left the site after successfully completing the roof replacement, repair of some weather sandstone and repointing of sandstone joints, replacement of the cross and the bell support,  within a total cost of $720,000.
  • The November Working bee wasn’t held but there are many jobs of various sizes and skill levels – ask Greg if your Growth Group would like to get together over the summer