Parish Council Update | February

  • We opened the meeting with Bible reading and prayer
  • We received a report from the Acting Rector. While attendance at various activities was down during Summer 2021-22, its been an encouraging start to 2022 with lots of people signing up for Simply Christianity (Zoom and face to face options), good attendance at Plug In and people signing up for Growth Groups
  • Our new Senior Minister will start in late May (first Sunday 29th). A secure rental property has been arranged while we determine the most cost-effective solution for a rectory.
  • We noted that we were below offertory budget for 2021 (4% or ~$30K). This may impact future ministry if offertory does not start to meet budget. However, our financial position remains sound.
  • A review into the use, safety and liability of the Jumping Castle is being conducted and until this is completed Parish Council is not permitting hire.
  • We approved expenditure on re-keying the site for improved security and a new BBQ. The budget is being finalised and several possible items for maintenance/replacement and upgrades were listed for consideration in 2022.
  • We received a Minister’s report from Meaghan (Children’s Minister) with the following key points highlighted:
  • The Leader’s retreat was a valuable time to spend in the Word and together as ministry teams especially after the challenges of 2021
  • Mentoring for leaders from other St Mick’s members has been really valuable.
  • Meaghan is continuing to undertake Professional development and is feeling more settled in the role
  • Prayer for the kids’ growth in Jesus and that the team would foster their natural curiosity.

Mission of the Month | March | AFES/Uni Bible Group

Uni Bible Group has many activities running each week during semester, as well as several off-campus events during uni break. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings – you don’t have to be a member of Uni Bible Group or a Christian, they’d love to see you there!

Uni Bible Talks

Uni Bible Talks are held every week during semester on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12.30 – 1.30 pm. Each week, our speakers take us through successive Bible passages, helping us to understand them and to see how they impact our lives today.

The rooms for these talks change from semester to semester. Please contact them to find out where they’ll be meeting. You could also find more information on their Facebook page.

The talk is the same on both Wednesday and Thursday, so choose whichever day suits you best. After the talk, they have lunch together on the McKinnon Lawn outside building 67 from 1.30pm.

Anyone is welcome to attend these public meetings. You can just turn up, or if you would like someone to be there to welcome you, please contact them.

Prayer meetings

Prayer is also something they value highly at Uni Bible Group. As well as praying at Bible Talks and faculty groups, they also have small meetings throughout the week exclusively devoted to prayer. Come and pray for Uni Bible Group, UOW, Australia and the wider world.

Camps and conferences

Throughout the year, Uni Bible Groups holds three popular conferences (the day conference Reload, the weekend OnBoard and week-long Mid-Year Conference), mostly in uni holidays. They also attend AFES’ National Training Event each December along with other AFES groups from across Australia.

To find out about our conferences and other special events, check their Facebook page.