Primary SRE is back!

It’s been an odd time for primary SRE teachers and students, being estranged from each other and the content they all love to teach and learn. Over the past two years, teachers have had little to no contact with their students and the only connection to SRE the students have had is a link on their school’s webpage to curriculum and lesson resources (which we are very grateful for!).

As we returned to schools this year, the anticipation of the first lesson was a little nerve-racking. Would the kids even remember who we were? Would they have forgotten about the love of our Father for them? Thankfully the answer to these questions was a resounding no! They remembered both us and God’s love and were over the moon to be back in SRE.

As for the climate of SRE in department schools, thankfully some work but those advocating for SRE and working directly with the department saw a swift return in most local schools, with only one stalling significantly. Evidence that the work of previous coordinators including Andy has been so valuable in nurturing our ongoing partnership with principles and admin staff to ensure as consistent as possible access to Special Religious Education.

This term we’re looking forward to teaching our first full term since 2019. Please be praying for us as we go. For the Lord’s help with wise and winsome responses to questions and challenges and that the children would continue to be curious and ultimately come to put their trust in Jesus Christ. Give thanks for our continued positive relationships with schools and other providers, for Destyn and his family that attended our Easter services after having been handed an invite in SRE, and for all the selfless and compassionate work of Primary SRE teachers as they give of their time freely to serve the children and shine as lights in the city of Wollongong.

Meaghan Gates
Children’s Minister