Parish Council Update | July

  • We received a ministry report from Joe (on behalf of him and Jon) 
  • We were encouraged that their numbers were stable during COVID and for the trickle of new people coming 
  • We praised God that meals have resumed & for the great fellowship this affords 
  • It was exciting to hear how people love to serve and that they’re training people to serve. 
  • Mark briefed Parish Council on initial future staffing ideas, and Parish Council approved a Youth Minister position for 2023 
  • We received the financial report – specifically offertory was below budget and hit a 2y low, now 7.5% (~$28,000) below (year to date). Lower staffing costs early 2022 (no Senior Minister) means we have had some savings and can absorb the difference. 
  • Luke presented a long-term cash-flow model for property, and some suggested projects. Parish Councillors are going to provide feedback on projects and priority. This was also a reminder that property projects are funded by the Marketview lease and do not impinge on offertory. 
  • We received a report on two mission requests – a new CMS mission partner and Berkley Life Centre. 
  • There is a draft concept design for a new rectory at the Georgina Ave property. We agreed to extend the lease with the current tenant. 
  • Marketview update: the assignment of the lease is proceeding subject to ACPT consent to a company called PI Capital. PI Capital are entering into a management agreement with Rydges to manage the property as a hotel again. Social covenants that we had in the past continue. St. Michaels Parish Council will be asked by Anglican Church Property Trust to give their consent to this proceeding 

Mission of the Month – August | Wollongong Combined Church Education Board

The Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board exists as the representative organisation to provide special religious education in our local high schools for all students who wish to participate in (SRE) under the oversight of the approved SRE provider Churches of the Wollongong area.

You can read the newsletter from Term 2 here.

For those who missed the annual Coffee and Dessert night on June 6th, it was Livestreamed and recorded so you can still watch it and be encouraged by the teachers and students, pray for and become a financial supporter and partner of this gospel ministry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8BFq_tdUlw | https://wcceb.org.au/get-involved/donate/

Also keep an eye out for the annual Pie Drive, details to be released in the following weeks.