What is true religion?

James 1:26 tells that it is this: ‘to look after orphans and widows in their distress’.

Our faith, given to us through the grace of God, should result in action. God’s practical love for us, frees us to love others practically.  

We want to be a church who cares for the everyday needs of those God has placed near us. We want to be a church that cares for their eternal need by calling people to repentance and trust in Christ. As our vision statement says, we want ‘to see more disciples shining as lights in the city of Wollongong’.

There is abundant need, and hence abundant opportunities to be involved in caring for others and engaging the community with sacrificial love. There are opportunities to show and tell the best story ever told, to evangelise the lost with the gospel of Jesus.

I recently read Tim Keller’s article titled ‘Every Good Endeavour: Connecting your work to God’s Plan for the World”. Keller posits a question that every Christian should ask themselves:

“How with my existing abilities and opportunities, can I be of greatest service to other people, knowing what I do of God’s will and of human need?”

As we think specifically about our location in Wollongong’s centre, we could hone this to ask:

What needs are there on our doorstep that we can meet?

What areas has God given you passion for, and giftedness in?


If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them.

If you have enthusiasm, we’d love to share in it.

If you have time, we’d love to help you spend it well.

Whatever God has given us, let’s work out how to be good stewards, and use it together for God’s glory.

Something we can all do, is pray.


  • Pray that people would hear the gospel, and for God’s Spirit to work. Pray that God will stir in us all a desire to see others receive God’s mercy through Christ and move into the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for those in need, and that our faith will result in practical love and care towards others that God has placed on our doorstep.
  • Prayerfully consider what you can do with what God has given to you.

I’d certainly love to talk about these things, and to help you to be involved. Get in touch.

Mitch Walker | Assistant Minister