Looking for something to read this summer? Look no further… our pastoral staff have compiled a list of their favourite books! 

  • Show Them Jesus – Jack Klumpenhower
  • Risen Motherhood – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
  • Growing Slow – Dukes Lee
  • Forming Resilient Children – Holly Catterton Allen
  • The Air We Breathe – Glen Scrivener
  • Confronting Christianity – Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Being The Bad Guys – Steve McAlpine
  • How to Talk About Jesus – Sam Chan
  • Try a ‘Learn Together Journal’ and instil the discipline of regular Bible reading with your child.

Does your Bible reading need a refresh for the New Year?

Check out The Gospel Coalition’s ‘Read the Bible’, which is designed to help Christians and churches feast on God’s Word in the coming year. Here are three ways you can join

  1. Bible Reading Plan: Read the entire Bible according to Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan, which takes you through the entire Bible in a year (including the New Testament and Psalms twice). Download the PDF reading plan, print out, and place it in your Bible.
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  3. Podcast: This podcast contains audio reading of Don Carson’s For the Love of God, a daily devotional commentary that follows the M’Cheyne plan podcast (AppleStitcher | Spotify).

We also recommend reading this article from The Gospel Coalition.