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Annual Thanksgiving Day – A View from our Pews

View from the pew

How often do we stop and thank God for his good gifts to us? We asked our church family members to share something they’re thankful to God for in the lead-up to our annual Thanksgiving Day (this Sunday 16 September).

At St Michael’s we are thankful to God…
  • for the faithful Bible-based teaching, and for being part of the loving Christian family at St Michael’s
  • that he is bigger than any problem I have or will face
  • for Jesus, the firm and constant foundation for my hope, and for my family in Christ who spur me on and display God’s grace in their lives
  • that he is the God of “every tribe and language and people and nation” who gives unity to people who otherwise would have nothing in common
  • for St Michael’s welcoming of international students
  • for giving me the opportunity to learn English and Bible reading
  • for all the people at 11am
  • for one to one Bible reading
  • for welcome and community
  • for the community that God has prepared here even before we get here
  • for church family
  • for love and encouragement of people who are like family
  • for lunch after 11am church
  • for people of all ages
  • for choosing me and bringing me to Christ and making me a member of his family
  • for people who read the Bible with me
  • that I can come to church
  • for people who serve me by giving me a lift to church
  • for people who care for each other
  • for good preaching that helps us to know God and his word better
  • for fellow Christians and people who encourage us
  • for people at all ages and stages of life
  • for Christian family who love each other
  • for the gift of motherhood and for children
  • for the Bible study groups within St Michael’s – and for the dedicated leaders that encourage and support us with looking at the scriptures
  • for the family of St Michael’s where we are encouraged to share our love of Jesus with others
  • for those who serve our congregations with a servant heart
  • that God called me
  • for the gift of being a child of God
  • that I am called a child of God and He has placed me in this church family
  • for friends and friendships that are deep and meaningful. Friends that I can laugh and cry with, encourage and be encouraged, pray and learn from
  • to see people persevering even when things are tough
  • for Jesus, without whom my life would be “meaningless, a chasing after the wind.”
  • for friends that encourage and lift you up when you are facing difficulties
  • for hugs and Bible verses and warmth and love
  • for those who also share our joys
  • for the feeling of sanctuary and peace each time I walk through the doors of church. For faithful preaching, careful and simple prayers, for community and leaders who love to serve
  • that I, a great sinner, have such a great saviour
  • to have been loved and called by God and redeemed by Jesus
  • to live such a blessed life, surrounded by such wonderful family and friends.
  • for my church and its strong heritage of faithful, Bible-based leadership
  • for the consistent prayer in growth groups and answers to that prayer
  • for the value placed on kids and youth ministry
  • for God’s Spirit who never leaves us and constantly surprises us
  • for being able to worship freely in God’s house and for friendship
  • for God’s grace, love, provision and protection, and for health an work
  • for God’s word and the ability to understand it
  • for God’s generosity in Christ, for Christian family and church and for great Bible teaching
  • for the reality of Christ in us
  • for the support and love of church family and for teaching and encouragement from staff
  • for God in my life
  • for prayerful community
  • that I know God loves me even in times of suffering
  • for those who serve us at St Michael’s
  • for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that takes away our sin
  • for St Michael’s
  • for friendship and prayer
  • for God saving me for all my life and forever
  • for my St Michael’s family and the faith we share
  • for open and encouraging friendships that point us to Jesus
  • for the blessing of faithful ministry here at St Michael’s
  • for successful surgery
  • for friendship and great teaching
  • for a welcoming and gospel-centred church
  • for all that God has done for us
  • for God’s gift of salvation in Jesus
  • for challenging Bible teaching
  • for the proclamation of the gospel
  • for my family and the friends and mentors God has placed in my life
  • for God’s kindness shown so often and so well through his people
  • for church family to love and be loved by
  • that God has used church to help me know Jesus better
  • for St Michael’s community
  • for outreach in Wollongong and for SRE
  • for his grace that rescues me and gives me hope
  • for God’s generosity in providing people to work in ministry
  • that God doesn’t give up on us 
  • for the encouragement of seeing other Christians’ passion for Jesus
  • that we can be part of Jesus’ calling to make disciples of all nations
  • for singing with the congregation
  • for the welcome and support I’ve received
  • that I found a church in Wollongong quickly
  • for a multicultural church
  • for consistent, faithful, joyful church
  • for great kids/youth programs
  • for my family
  • for my wife
  • for family and children
  • for uncountable blessings
  • for God bringing me through traumas
  • for God’s creation and the freedom he has given us through his Son
  • for friends
  • for garbage trucks
  • for good health for progress and improvement in health
  • that we have a Christian prime minister
  • for energy each day
  • for the support of friends
  • for grandchildren
  • for living in Australia
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