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Category: Devotions

View from the Pew – The Temptation to Graduate from Grace

Community, Devotions, View from the pew

There are not many topics that I have grappled with more in my Christian life than balancing the gravity of sin with the enormity of grace. Recently, I have been pondering the lie I often find myself believing- that somehow I can ‘graduate’ from needing grace. As Tim Keller puts it: If there is not…

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Minister’s Letter – A great help for Bible reading!

Devotions, Ministers' letters, Prayer, Resources

Bible reading in the Baird household is going through a boom time right now. The reason is a resource so simple that any Christian parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, babysitter or friend could use with younger children. I’ll explain the resource shortly. But I should say that it’s not as though, in using it, we’ve…

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View from the Pew – Re-reading Ephesians

Devotions, Ministers' letters, Prayer, Resources

Those using Don Carson’s For the Love of God, to assist them with their daily Bible Readings, will have just read Ephesians. This use has prompted me to re-read the letter a few times. While reading my favorite part of Scripture, I have asked the Apostle these three very basic questions. What is the primary…

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