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Category: Prayer

Keep Calm and Study On…

Church Sign, Prayer

New Church Sign: KEEP CALM AND STUDY ON! GOD OFFERS FULL MARKS THROUGH JESUS +++ Here’s what our Senior Minister writes to church members leaving school each year… Applies pretty well to uni and TAFE students too! Dear [graduating Year 12 student], I hope you are well by the grace of God. Congratulations on completing…

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Preachers and Congregations

Ministers' letters, Prayer

Friends in Christ,  Recently I have been reading Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians and was struck by the way he wrote of both his teams’ preaching and how the Thessalonians had received it. In both the preachers and the hearers, the gospel had come to them “not only in word but also in power…

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What’s Your Vision?

Ministers' letters, Prayer

The summer holidays are almost done. It’s time to start thinking about the new year in earnest. Maybe most of our New Year’s resolutions are already broken, and we’re ready to face reality. School starts this week. Most of our regular ministries at church will start in the next week or two. So, what’s your…

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Prayer: What is it?!

Prayer, View from the pew

What reactions are stirred within you when you hear the word “prayer”? Do you feel apathy, guilt, fear (especially of praying aloud), confusion, discouragement? Or do you feel comfort and assurance? I’ve experienced them all. Of that list, one major hindrance to my prayer is confusion. What exactly is prayer? How should I pray? Am…

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The Priority of Relationships

Community, Ministers' letters, Prayer

Friends, as part of his MTS ministry traineeship, Steve and I have been discussing Broughton Knox’s The Everlasting God. I was the very first generation of students to begin at Moore College who did not receive a single lecture from Dr Knox, its Principal prior to Peter Jensen. Dr Knox’s theology has been pivotal in…

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Minister’s Letter – Good Question

9:30am, Ministers' letters, Ministries, Prayer

Friends, how would you answer these questions? What does it mean to live as a Christian? What did we do to deserve Christ dying for us? Does God love us more when we become Christian? When people say “Jesus Christ!”, is it not always good? These are all questions I have heard recently. All of…

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Minister’s Letter – Apartment Engage

Community, Ministers' letters, Missions, Prayer

Friends, recently an 8am congregation member asked: What are we doing for the new apartment residents in the Gong? You can’t help but notice cranes on the horizon and hundreds of new apartments going up, where eventually a few thousand extra residents will move in around the Wollongong CBD – our parish! People who are moving…

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Minister’s Letter – A great help for Bible reading!

Devotions, Ministers' letters, Prayer, Resources

Bible reading in the Baird household is going through a boom time right now. The reason is a resource so simple that any Christian parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, babysitter or friend could use with younger children. I’ll explain the resource shortly. But I should say that it’s not as though, in using it, we’ve…

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View from the Pew – Re-reading Ephesians

Devotions, Ministers' letters, Prayer, Resources

Those using Don Carson’s For the Love of God, to assist them with their daily Bible Readings, will have just read Ephesians. This use has prompted me to re-read the letter a few times. While reading my favorite part of Scripture, I have asked the Apostle these three very basic questions. What is the primary…

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