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Category: Social comment

Reasons to read the Bible #2

Community, General, Social comment

Impact on Music and Art Who said, “I am a little taken aback at the biblical ignorance commonly displayed”? Not a bishop but celebrity atheist, Richard Dawkins. In The God Delusion, he even suggested “the main reason the English Bible needs to be part of our education is that it is a major source book…

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Reasons to read the Bible #1

Community, Social comment

World’s Best Seller According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible is the bestselling book of non-fiction with over 5 billion copies sold! (Source: So why should you read the Bible? You may not agree that it is the word of God. You may agree with the people who have commented on that…

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Policy on Consumption of Alcohol

Church Governance, Social comment

In the Parish Context of St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral… In light of the biblical teaching that everything God created is good, that drunkenness is always to be avoided, that civil rulers and church leaders must take special care in any consumption of alcohol, and that Christians should avoid causing others to stumble by what they drink, the Parish Council…

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New Church Sign – Jesus Prophet Plus

News & Prayer, Social comment

Heres our new church sign: Jesus Prophet of God God of the Prophets     It sounds so tolerant to say all religions are the same. And people of all religion (and none) should treat each other with respect. But here’s a classic example where that sentimental assertion of no real differences breaks down. Islam…

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View from the Pew – Boundless plains

Community, Ministers' letters, Social comment

“For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share;” Australians don’t often sing the second stanza of “Advance Australia Fair” from which these words come, but perhaps there was some subliminal echo of them when they strongly urged our Government to be generous to the Syrian refugees. Moved no doubt by the…

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Minister’s Letter – God, Save Our Gracious Queen

Ministers' letters, Social comment

Friends in Christ, this week on 9th September, Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning monarch of Britain, eclipsing Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 7 months. (She is already Australia’s longest serving monarch, since in modern nation state terms, we are such a young nation!) Hers is a colossal achievement of faithful…

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On Proposed Marriage Redefinitions

Ministers' letters, Social comment

This is the text of the letter sent by our Senior Minister to our local federal MP, Sharon Bird, (with a version also sent to all NSW federal senators) Dear Ms Bird, Re: proposed amendments to the Marriage Act At St Michael’s Cathedral, we continue to pray for you as a local MP, as you navigate…

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ANZAC Syd Duchesne’s last letter home

Events, People, Social comment

Extract: Letter from Syd Duchesne to his parents from Mena Camp, Egypt After giving some news from the training camp, Syd explains he’s received a letter from Rita (a cousin, I presume, from context), dated Christmas Day. He continues… “She also told me that Aunt Ada wasn’t doing well and that Aunt thinks I shall…

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St Michael’s First ANZACs – Syd Duchesne

Community, People, Social comment

William Sydney Duchesne is one of 55 names listed on the Honour Board memorial in St Michael’s Wollongong, of those who gave their lives during World War One. Syd Duchesne died on the very first day of the Gallipoli landing, April 25, 1915. His parents lived in Crown St, Wollongong. His brother, George, also served…

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New Church Sign – God with scars

Social comment

Christianity is the only religion whose God bears the scars of evil – Os Guinness +++ Many religions reject the idea that God could, let alone would, be directly connected to the undoubted suffering we see in this world. For example, much classic Buddhism sees suffering as an illusion to be escaped. And Islam does not believe Allah…

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