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Christianity Courses

1. What is Christianity Explored?

Christianity Explored is a short course designed to explain the Christian faith in a simple way. It is based on the Gospel of Mark in the Bible.

This course has been done by thousands of Australians. Its popularity is due to a fresh and non-threatening approach. Participants are not asked to read or pray aloud. It is not heavy and uses clear, modern language. Most people find it surprisingly relevant and stimulating.

2. How long is the course?

There are normally only 5 sessions. We often schedule these during our normal 9:30am or 5pm Sunday services, usually one course each school term. In place of the normal sermon, you exit to do the course in church offices on site. Your child(ren) can stay with you if you wish or attend crèche or Sunday School according to age. Church normally lasts just 60-70 minutes, although we always serve refreshments afterwards.

Please contact our office for more information about upcoming and future courses.

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Corner of Church St and Market St Wollongong

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