SESSION 1 | Saturday 23 March, 9am-10:30am

‘Finding Meaning in a Sexualised Culture’

Recommended for women of all ages & stages.

What does it mean to be a Christian woman in todays’ highly sexualised culture? Where do women place their identity? What gender roles are they expected to – and willing to live by?

Women in the 21st century are expected to be independent, strong and self-reliant on the one hand, but on the other hand also comply with sexualised images of womanhood on the other. How does this play out in your life, the life of your children, your grandchildren, the church, in relationships for singles, newly married, long term couples? How can we as women support and encourage one another in this area?

SESSION 2 | Saturday 23 March, 11:30am-1pm

‘Good Sex and Godly Marriage’

Recommended for engaged, married, or older women.

Christians claim to know God and follow his guidelines for life. But how do we understand and interpret God’s design for our marriages in a seductive culture that encourages individualistic narcissism and selfish careerism? And what part does sex and intimacy play in a Christian marriage? Is it essential? Necessary? Or just nice?

This workshop/seminar will explore the science and worldview of sexual desire, romantic love and long-term attachment. Patricia will examine the role of sex in marriage through the lens of a Christ-centred biblical worldview.

We will explore, from a biblical perspective, the male and female sexual response cycles; the meaning and interpretation of intimacy and sex in marriage; the activities that may or may not be acceptable in a couple relationship; and common concerns and dysfunctions.


$10 per seminar (or $20 for all three – including the Friday night talk for parents/carers), includes morning tea (or supper).


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Patricia Weerakoon is a medical doctor, academic, sexologist and writer. She retired in 2012 from a career as director of an internationally renowned graduate sexual health program at the University of Sydney to pursue her passion for writing and public speaking. Her nonfiction books are gold-standard guides for good sex at all ages. Patricia has a recognised media presence and is a popular public speaker and social commentator.