What is Simply Christianity?

Have you been attending church without really ‘getting it’? Want to brush up on the basics of Christianity? Or maybe you have a friend who wants to find out more.

Come yourself or bring a friend to Simply Christianity.

Simply Christianity is a short course (of 5 sessions) designed to explain the Christian faith in a simple way. It is based on the Gospel of Luke. The course has been done by thousands of Australians. It uses clear, modern language. Most people find it surprisingly relevant and stimulating. Participants are not asked to read or pray aloud, but can ask as many questions as they like.

“Simply Christianity is a great opportunity to examine the historical reliability of the Bible, and investigate Jesus life and death as an adult. I felt very welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the course. It’s definitely worth going along with a friend who wants to find out more about Christianity – even as a Christian there was a lot I didn’t know or had previously taken for granted.” – Lauren (Course participant)

Course dates:
  • Thursday 1 August to Thursday 5 September, 2019 (5 x Thursday nights from 7:15pm to 8:45pm). This course will be run by Sandy Grant, meeting in the Church Office foyer at St Michael’s (with a one-week break on August 15th).

Please contact us ASAP to register your interest.