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Exclusive faith: further resources

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Following the fifth topic on Exclusive Faith (buy or rent online here) in our Towards Belief video discussion series, here are some resources on question of other religions and whether Christians are bigoted when they say Jesus is the only way? Browse the descriptions and pick and choose what sounds most relevant…



Several of these books are published by the Aussie Christian publisher, Matthias Media, on whose board Sandy serves – where possible links are to their web-store. Otherwise search at Koorong (Australia) or Amazon (elsewhere).
  • If I were God I’d make myself clearer by John Dickson – brief exploration of how any one religion can be considered true with so many on offer… Or are they different paths up the same spiritual mountain? 
  • A Spectator’s Guide to World Religions by John Dickson, a non-technical and readable book presenting each of the world’s major religions in its best light, carefully outlining the history, belief systems and spiritual practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam so that the interested ‘spectator’ can explore their similarities and differences.  
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