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July Mission and Parish Council Update

Church Governance, Missions

July 2019 Church Updates Mission and Parish Council at St Michael's
Mission Update – WCCEB

In August, Mission of the Month giving is directed towards WCCEB – the Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board.

This interdenominational Board, with representatives from many local churches, has been operating for many years supporting the employment and placement of paid SRE (Special Religious Education, a.k.a. ‘Scripture’) teachers in local high schools. It is funded entirely by donations from local churches, businesses and individuals.

In 2019, WCCEB provides ministry via teachers in 4 schools as follows:
• Samar Mikhael at Smiths Hill High School.
• Heather Grant at Illawarra Sports High School, Berkeley.
• Georgia Clements at Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts.
• Jonny Hann at Keira Technology High School.

As well as teaching SRE classes to potentially close to 1500 students, they also help run Christian lunch-time groups – sometimes featuring “toasties and chats”.

Please pray that teachers will build good relationships with students and others school staff and that they will be bold when teaching the gospel of Jesus. Give thanks to God for Christian staff in these schools and pray for their wisdom in Christian witness. Also pray that enemies of appropriate Christian ministry in schools will not have their way, and that God would keep doors of opportunity open for Christian ministry in public schools as part of appropriate expression of freedom of religion in our multi-cultural society.

Parish Council Update: July
  • As always we began with Bible reading and prayer.
  • We received a ministry report from Sandy Grant, especially focusing on a process of review our parish “Vision 2020” statement of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, getting help and input from various parish leaders, beginning to get underway.
  • With a desire to encourage the same, Parish Councillors reported on individual staff members’ professional or ministry development plans, whether formal or informal.
  • We agreed the following projects to support for our annual St Michael’s Thanksgiving Day fundraising with indicative targets, surplus shared between last 3:
    – Gift to theological students from St Michael’s – $900 ea.; total $5400 for Cam Mason, James Chen, Emily Wynne, Joanna Hann, Matt Shannon, Meaghan Gates.
    – New Churches for New Communities (NCNC): $1000
    – Narromine with Trangie Anglican, further drought relief: $1000
    – Anglican Aid: Myanmar Women and Child Development: $4000
    – Anglican Parish Port Kembla & Warrawong: $4000;
    – Overseas Council: theological education for slum pastors, Nairobi: $4000
  • We approved in principle engagement of consultants to prepare scope of conservation works on Cathedral and hall, after best of two quotes.
  • We approved use of individual glass Communion cups for environmental reasons.
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