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May Mission and Parish Council Update

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Mission Update – Scripture Union & Bible Society

In June, Mission of the Month giving is divided between Scripture Union and Bible Society. The title of each organisation underlines the importance of God’s Word in Scripture.

As Kevin DeYoung wrote: “Jesus submitted his will to the Scriptures, committed his brain to studying the Scriptures, and humbled his heart to obey the Scriptures. The Lord Jesus, God’s Son and our Savior, believed his Bible was the word of God, down to the sentences, to the phrases, to the words, to the smallest letter, to the tiniest specks – and that nothing in all those specks and in all those books in his Holy Bible could ever be broken.”

Bible Society Australia has pursued its goal for over 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible. E.g., the Bible Society provides thousands of Bibles are each year to chaplains for distribution in hospitals, schools, prisons and within the Australian Defence Force, and via overseas projects. They also partner with Australian indigenous communities to translate and distribute the Bible in indigenous languages.

Please pray for the Bible Society as they search for a new CEO, with Greg Clarke’s exit.

Scripture Union is an interdenominational movement, working with the churches to passionately, creatively, and prayerfully share the Good News of Jesus. Importantly to the Illawarra, their ministries include camps, student Christian groups (SUPA clubs in primary and ISCF groups in high schools), and their largest ministry, SUFM (Scripture Union Family Mission – also known as ‘Beach Mission’). For more see

I am thankful that students from St Michael’s can attend Christian lunchtime groups in their public schools because of the ‘covering’ of SU. Likewise I am thrilled that members of St Michael’s volunteer serve each January on SU beach missions!

Parish Council Update: May
  • As always we began with Bible reading (James 4) and prayer.
  • We received a ministry report from Mia David, our Safe Ministry rep, and formally adopted the Anglican Safe Ministry Blueprint, as requested by Synod. There are over 100 screened and trained people currently involved in ministry to under 18s here!
  • We agreed to make the Anglican Parish of Port Kembla & Warrawong a project for St Michael’s Day thanksgiving gifts in September. Other suggestions are welcome.
  • We agreed to sponsor Ned Pratt for $1000 towards his Year 13 Fiji mission trip with Youthworks. Ned volunteers in primary SRE, Kids@11 & @5, lunch ministry at Keira HS.
  • We agreed to review in June the Synod Guidelines for pastoral care regarding gender and sexual orientation issues; and also referred the same to the pastoral staff.
  • Although Joe Radkovic formally retired at the end of 2018, we are pleased that we are again able to pay him 10 hours/week for his work on the staff team.
  • PC identified the cathedral computer and projector as urgent priorities in the larger AV upgrade project, and this has been communicated to the project manager.
  • Sandy tabled letters to recently elected local state MPs, communicating our interest.
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