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Next week is ‘Ministry Training Week’ at St Michael’s. Have you decided which training sessions you’ll join? Register online now if you haven’t already.

Each training session will be worthwhile in different ways. But let me make a shameless plug for the session I will lead on Tuesday October 16th from 5pm. It’s called ‘Speaking from the heart’ on the topic of evangelism. But first, let’s dispel some commonly held myths. (These myths might also apply to the other training topics!)

Myth #1: “I know what evangelism is. I’ve read articles on it. I’ve even read a book on it. It’s not for me.”

Praise God if you know the gospel and know about evangelism and have even done some reading on it! This training session may not teach you anything about the gospel or evangelism that you didn’t already know! But it’s my hope that this training will be very hands on.

Firstly, we’ll diagnose our hearts with the double-edged sword of God’s word as to what’s going on inside us.

Secondly, I hope we’ll all gain some practice by starting (or restarting) to speak of our Lord Jesus to one another and so feel better equipped to do it more and more with others as a result.

Myth #2: “I know I fail in evangelism. I don’t need someone else to tell me that. It’s not for me.

Praise God for your honesty and humility in admitting this. I’m with you! I have failed in evangelism and will fail again no doubt.

Thankfully with God it’s not “three strikes and you’re out” or “a golden duck” or even “royal duck” (choose your preferred baseball or cricket saying). For who could stand if God kept our failure of sin against us (Psalm 130:3)?

But God uses us in our weakness to proclaim an incredible & powerful message (2 Corinthians 4:5-7). So if we all fail in evangelism and yet God still uses us, failure is an invalid excuse before God and others.

In this training we might even redefine what failure really is with regards to evangelism (*insert comforting wink emoji*).

Myth #3: “I don’t know this buzz word ‘evangelism’. So I don’t want to stand out in a room full of experts. It’s not for me.

Why not come along and keep ‘the experts’ honest! If you love Jesus with all your heart and love your neighbour, wanting them to be saved, please join us as we help one another!

I hope we shall grow together in Christ and in our desire and ability to speak his good news to others. This training is not for experts. But it’s not not for experts. It’s for all brothers and sisters of all ages and stages.

I hope you make the most of ‘Ministry Training Week’. And I’d love to see you on Tuesday evening, October 16th at 5pm, for training in evangelism and speaking from the heart.

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Jon Baird
Sunday Assistant Minister, especially at 11am

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