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Minister’s Letter – Month of Mission Prep

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The day I wrote this letter, I was praying with fellow church members and missionaries at the CMS Summer School in Katoomba. Some of our missionaries serve in a location where the government can make it difficult for people who are Christians. In one situation, employers now use a questionnaire, which includes a question that asks whether or not an employee is a Christian. If a disciple of Jesus answers ‘Yes’ honestly, it can cause difficulties. It might make promotion more difficult or mean a new contract is less likely to be forthcoming, or some other less concrete discrimination.

One of the friends prayed:, “Lord, help them face this situation of temptation, and protect them from the suffering that might be coming…” And I expected him to continue, “if they confess their status as Christians.“ But he prayed, “Protect them from the suffering that might come their way if they refuse to acknowledge Jesus before men.”

And of course, he was right. Jesus said in Luke 9:26,

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”

And don’t we want Jesus’s name to be honoured?

This brings me to the “Jesus Is _____.” month of mission across the Illawarra in March. All Anglican churches will be participating, along with Anglicare and Anglican Schools.

If you are unfamiliar with this Mission, it revolves around the “Jesus Is _____.” phrase and website and invites people to give their opinion. We’re interested to know: Who do they reckon Jesus is? How would they complete that “Jesus Is _____.” sentence?

How can you get involved?

  1. You can take the chances you are given in your growth group or prayer partnership or just with another friend at church to be praying that some of you local friends will discover that Jesus is for them!
  2. You can “go public” with your connection to the name of Jesus by ordering a “Jesus Is _____.” branded T-shirt, or badge, or wristband, or coffee ‘keep cup’, or corflute sign for your front yard. Then wear or display these items in March. With Christians from 70+ churches across the region all doing this, it creates something of a ‘buzz’ for people to notice, and, we pray, to comment on and inquire about.
  3. You can prepare: how would you complete the “Jesus Is _____.” sentence? What’s your one word or one phrase answer? More training and practice for that in your growth groups, or at the regional training day at Figtree Anglican, Saturday 10th February, 9.45am to 3.30pm ($10 per ticket (including catering, booking required).
  4. And you can note in your diary particular public events to get involved with in March, especially… The “Jesus Is living water” social justice Waterworks event with Anglican Aid – raising money for people without access to reliable, clean drinking water… A region-wide youth event, where they have taken the step of faith in booking out the entire Win Entertainment Centre… The Mark Drama… And “Jesus Is _____.” preaching every Sunday!

Basically, we are inviting you all to take a fresh step of going public for Jesus.

Warmly in Christ, Sandy Grant

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