Church Governance

Parish Council

Parish Council meets monthly and deals with church property finance and administrative matters. In addition, the Senior Minister is to confer with the Parish Councillors in the initiation, conduct & development of church work; and they consult on projects affecting the interests of the parish generally.

This involves attendance at the (monthly) Parish Council meetings, and may also demand time at Church services on Sunday or on other occasions.


The Wardens have the oversight of church property and fabric and the trusteeship of all monies held by church organisations. The Wardens are automatically members of the Parish Council (and also here, of the cathedral ‘chapter’ or governing body.) The Treasurer is appointed by them.

Their duties generally involve time at Church services on Sunday, attendance at two monthly meetings (executive and Parish Council) and other administrative matters, generally handled by email, through the week.

Chapter Representatives

Chapter representatives – designated ‘lay canons’ – belong to the largely advisory governing body of the Cathedral. An important duty includes responsibility for negotiating with the Archbishop for the appointment of another Senior Minister in the event of a vacancy occurring in the parish.

Synod Representatives

Synod Representatives attend the annual Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, where important legislation is produced and matters of principle debated. (They are normally only elected every third year for a term of 3 years. The Synod normally sits for about 5 afternoons and evenings in over two weeks in October.)

What happens at the AGM (Annual General Meeting)?

An Annual General Meeting is a bit like a company’s AGM. All are welcome to attend!

At this very important meeting, reports are presented concerning the work of our parish. The audited annual accounts and the budget for the current year are tabled and explained.

We also elect people to various offices for the coming year(s). These include Wardens, members of Parish Council, and in some years, Synod Representatives.

Motions (preferably with notice given) can be voted on. Non-binding recommendations can be raised on any matter connected with the church. (We prefer that recommendations be put in writing.)

Who is eligible to participate?

A. EVERY VOTER must sign a declaration at the beginning of the Meeting to affirm he/she:

  1. is a member of the Anglican Church of Australia (abbreviated to “ACA),
  2. has been baptised,
  3. is not less than the age of 18 years,
  4. has usually attended service of public worship at, St Michael’s for at least three months within the prior twelve months, –
  5. does not claim to be a member of any other church of the ACA,
  6. has not voted, nor intends to vote at a general meeting of any other church of the ACA within the three months of the date of the AGM.

Only those entitled to vote may make nominations.

B. THOSE NOMINATED must be communicant members of the ACA and at least 18 years of age. They must not be ‘prohibited persons’. In some cases, there may be one or two other minor restrictions.

PLEASE CONSIDER BEFORE NOMINATING… Those with responsibility for leadership in God’s Church should be committed to His Word as the standard for personal belief and behaviour, and parish policy and direction. They also need to be able to fulfil the roles outlined below. Because the people elected have very important responsibilities in our parish, we encourage careful reflection about this.

Please pray that the Lord will raise up mature Christians with a teamwork mentality and servant-heart, ready to apply Biblical principles to the issues we face, and serve Him with personal commitment as elected office-bearers.