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Ministers' letters

During the season of autumn, we make ‘E for Evangelism’ our area of extra focus in the ‘4E’ process of disciple-making. (Engaging the community; Evangelising the lost; Establishing believers in the faith; Equipping you for service.) I was encouraged by those who engaged friends with our Walk for Water. (And how good to raise over…

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Use your words!

Ministers' letters

We were rescued by God’s word. By His message. Jesus was that message. His message is about love and rescue; rescue from what we deserve, into God’s love, kingdom and family forever. This message is very good news. It is words. As Christians, we were saved by God’s words, likely told to us by someone….

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February Mission & Parish Council Update

Church Governance, Missions

Mission Update – Moore College and Anglican Aid In March, Mission of the Month giving is directed to Moore College, and to Anglican Aid for their Overseas Ministry Fund. Moore College’s vision longs “to see faithful, thoughtful and biblical ministry which honours the Lord Jesus Christ in all the world.” They go on to state,…

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SRE Update

Community, Ministries, Missions

On Tuesday 5th February over 400 people got together to attend the annual SRE conference at Dapto Anglican Church; 400 volunteer SRE teachers committed to taking God’s word into our public schools. (SRE = Special Religious Education, a.k.a. ‘School Scripture’; there were another 1000 teachers at the Sydney day.) Each year these teachers receive spiritual…

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Ministers' letters, Social comment

I’m looking for a new hashtag. A hashtag is a phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media to identify messages on a specific topic. Better still if short or witty! You may know I enjoy reading the news, staying in touch with current affairs, as well as theology and ethics. Lately,…

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Why Join a Growth Group?

Community, Ministers' letters

To answer the question: ‘Why join a Growth Group?’, we ought to ask what is God’s big plan for the world and for us. God’s big plan for this world is for people to be rescued, and for rescued people to grow. This was the case for God’s people at Colossae; when they trusted the…

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What’s Your Vision?

Ministers' letters, Prayer

The summer holidays are almost done. It’s time to start thinking about the new year in earnest. Maybe most of our New Year’s resolutions are already broken, and we’re ready to face reality. School starts this week. Most of our regular ministries at church will start in the next week or two. So, what’s your…

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Walk for Water

Community, Events, Ministers' letters

On Saturday 16 February 2019, we’ll have another WaterWorks fundraiser. It also aims at helping us engage with our community. Let’s build on last year’s good will. If you don’t know, WaterWorks is Anglican Aid’s project enabling those in impoverished developing world communities to get access to clean and reliable water supplies and the sanitation facilities…

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Summer Psalms

Ministers' letters, Uncategorized

For as long as I’ve been at St Michael’s, we’ve had ‘Summer Psalms’  – a sermon series from the Psalter (book of psalms) in January. But why? Is it because the preachers need a holiday and psalms are easy? Or because they just love alliteration a bit too much? Or maybe because everyone is in…

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My New Year’s Resolution

Ministers' letters

I don’t think I’ve ever achieved a New Year’s resolution. Or at least, not long-term! Every year I make a list of self-improvement strategies. Predictably, I plan to get fit and lose some weight; improve my saving and reduce spending; and for once, to stick at a Bible reading plan (yep, you guessed it: for…

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