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Online Church at St Michael's Wollongong livestream service

** Public church meetings and mid-week ministries are currently suspended. **

We grieve deeply the disruption and the loss of face-to-face fellowship as we gather around Christ and his Word. 

We will not pretend all is normal and that “church online” is just the same. It is not the same as personal presence. But it’s what we have! And it’s all some people with chronic health challenges have had for a long time. 


Every Sunday at 9am, Lord willing, a small group of staff and volunteer members will conduct and livestream a simplified church service in the Cathedral.

The place to watch this livestream is our public St Michael’s Cathedral, Wollongong Facebook page:

St Michael's Find us on Facebook

The video will also appear here when it goes live at 9am:

The video will also be available to view later in the day on our Facebook page, at a time of your own choosing (and remain available for at least one week after the service).

 We encourage you to bring your Bibles to the screen! You may like to watch with your family or housemates. You might even think about inviting a friend from church over, if you know they cannot easily access livestream on the internet (maintaining physical distancing, of course).

Click on the links below to download a PDF service outline for this Sunday, with the contents participants at home will need to participate:

Sunday 31 May

Book of Job sermon series theme

DOWNLOAD PDF TO PRINT (A4)  – Livestream Service 9am
DOWNLOAD PDF FOR SCREENS – Livestream Service 9am

Also on Mondays and Thursdays at midday we will livestream the Cathedral Bell City Prayers via Facebook. Due to the latest government advice, you should not attend in person, but pause to pray when you hear the bell around to city, or watch the livestream from our Facebook page. 

How to make the most of St Michael's online

Click on the image to download this helpful guide!

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Corner of Church St and Market St Wollongong

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