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Public Lecture: Marriage Redefinition

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The lecture’s title picks up a much-discussed tweet. Is it true that #loveislove? Why defend the traditional definition of marriage?

All are welcome to attend this public lecture in the Cathedral at St Michael’s on Wednesday 13 September at 7:30pm. It will be followed by Q&A.

The aim of this lecture is not to direct people how to vote, but to give a thoughtful expression of the ‘No’ case in the marriage definition postal plebiscite, as well as exploring related issues such as the connection of marriage to children, and freedoms of speech and religion.

  • For Christians who instinctively think ‘no’ but want help in expressing their reasons thoughtfully.
  • For those ‘on the fence’ to hear a robust presentation of reasons – many independent of Christianity.
  • For advocates of same-sex marriage to have a chance to consider – even if not persuaded – that there are thoughtful and non-hateful reasons that cause honest concern for many.

No. It is not our habit to command people how to vote from the pulpit. In this case, the aim is to give a peaceable, reasoned exposure of the ‘No’ case for people’s consideration.


Canon Sandy Grant has served St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral for over 12 years and has often spoken and written on this topic (and many other social issues) in local and national forums, on radio, and in print, lectures, web articles and letters to the editor.

Sandy recently said to friends and colleagues that even though not persuaded by their reasoning, he can understand there are genuine Christians who choose to abstain from the postal survey, or who might even support a ‘Yes’ vote for a redefinition of Australian secular law though not personally supporting same-sex marriage.

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