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Reflections on Lockdown as a Mum

View from the couch, View from the pew

View from the Couch by Morwenna Baird

Our family has much to thank God for during isolation: Both Jon’s work and my (very part-time) work continued from home; our 2 primary school-aged kids are less dependent; they enjoy playing together (mostly), and we have a backyard.

Here are my reflections on the last 8 weeks:

  1. God is in Control. Although I believed in my head that prayer is important, it’s in the midst of feeling utterly helpless at home in the ‘fight’ against Covid19, that I have begun to believe it in my heart. We wanted our kids to know this too. So, we thanked God daily that He is in control. We continued our family bible reading. We prayed for the doctors, nurses and hospital workers. We prayed for vaccine researchers. We joined St Michael’s online.
  2. Praise God for teachers & schools. After a dismal start to home learning we quickly saw the value of a daily routine. We still have good days and bad days. My patience has been tested. I’ve asked my kids for forgiveness on multiple occasions.
  3. Overload of resources. We found it hard to keep up with emails, notifications and news. It was easy to feel guilty, especially receiving lots of suggested home activities from different groups (libraries, science space, zoos, etc) but with no capacity to do them all. Avoiding Facebook relieved some pressure.
  4. Unstructured fun. One of my initial fears was coping with boredom. But to my utter surprise, our kids adapted much more quickly than me! A slower pace allowed us to enjoy each other’s company with board games, gardening, lego and bike rides. The kids didn’t need me to create activities for them. They made their own fun. What a great discovery!
  5. Our home is a school, playground and office. It’s challenging. And I only work part-time! I cannot imagine the strain on families who had to manage working full time from home whilst caring for their kids. I faced regular interruptions, broken concentration and a feeling that I should be helping my kids more.
  6. Technology is a good servant but bad master. We soon realised an increase in kids’ screen time was inevitable: online schooling, family catch ups, friends and quiet time for us to get work done! Isolation has amplified the allure of screens for our kids. And whilst they’re a great tool, we do limit screen time and encourage outside time for us all.

The simplicity of life over the last 2 months has actually been refreshing. We know isolation is not ‘normal’. We miss our family and friends. But we are thankful for what’s been a special time together.

It hasn’t all been rosy: we’ve had our share of arguments; there is boredom; and many days I’ve woken up feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of the day. But I cling to this verse:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9

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