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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

Christians Can Be Difficult People

And I am one of them! Renee Tan empathises and then says, “Instead of stewing and ranting over these so-called difficult people, perhaps we should remind ourselves that in Christ, there is more that unites rather than divide us.” Helpful for self-reflection!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I shared the most encouraged video call with my American Pastor mate, Chris Brauns, of the Red Brick Church. The US is under extreme pandemic stress, political uncertainty, and racial tension. He has his own real pressures in life and church service. But here in this 3 minute video, he celebrates Thanksgiving with his congregation, and he lifts our hearts beyond the very real struggles of this life. Be encouraged.


Another look at the reliability of the Scriptures

“The reliability of the Bible is such an important question that it needs to be revisited time and again. Since Christians claim that the Bible is God’s word, we need to give a defence or—to use the old terminology—an apology to the world for this claim.”

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