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The Supernatural: Resources for further study and reflection

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(Image above: Karl Faase interviews Vince Vitale, now Director of the Zacharias Institute, educated at Princeton University and the University of Oxford, and having taught philosophy of religion at both of these universities.)

Following the third topic on the Supernatural in a scientific age (buy online here) in our Towards Belief video discussion series, here are some resources on suffering for further reaction and study.

Browse the descriptions and pick and choose what sounds most relevant…

  • The Meaning of Jesus’ Miracles: An Historical View – “In terms of the quantity and quality of evidence, the reports about Jesus’ baffling deeds are without historical parallel…” In this article, historian Dr John Dickson considers what a miracle is and what the historical documents say about the meaning of the miracles claimed for Jesus.
  • Debating The Resurrection – Here our Senior Minister, Sandy Grant briefly outlines his historical and other reasons for believing in the resurrection of Jesus. It includes a link to his 2008 debate with the President of the NSW Skeptics Society on the topic.
  • Seven Signs that Easter happened – Andrew Moody writes,Scholars and apologists often point to the Easter resurrection as the most important piece of historical evidence for the truth of Christianity. That of course, is right and proper—Paul himself uses it (1Cor 15:5-7). But I think there are some other little bits of evidence in the Easter story that are persuasive in other ways. Here are seven odd and incidental details that that point to the eyewitness origins of the Gospel accounts.”
  •  Why do we see so few miracles today? Some reflections from John Piper: “There were fewer miracles in the Bible than you probably think, and more miracles today than you probably know, and there is a good biblical reason for why there would be a certain kind of prevalence of miracles in the Bible that is different from today.” (Article or audio if you prefer).
  • One Reason We Don’t See Miracles in the West – A theology of doctors and medicine and work and more… Dr Joe Radkovic, who served in a maternity clinic in one of Nairobi’s slums for a decade, also commented in response to this article:

From my decade there, I saw lots of miracle healers, but no miracles as the West would define them. Some of the healers ended up jailed for their fakery. Some others should have been. People wanted cures for things, of course they did. And God does heal us, often. Sometimes letting us participate, as through medical care. Sometimes miraculously, by anyone’s standards. As this article says, all cures come from God. 

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