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The Olympics: Medalling, Running and Training

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The Olympics are here!

And anyone who reads the Bible knows the Apostle Paul (author of many of the New Testament letters) seemed to be something of sports fan.

He often used sporting illustrations in his letters: Fight the good fight of faith. Run the race. Wrestling in prayer. Training in godliness. Compete according to the rules. 

So to enjoy the occasion, our evening congregations (who meet on Sunday at 5pm & 7pm) are taking a look at several of those passages over the next three weeks to see what he was saying with his great sporting analogies. 

No doubt that will give us the chance to tell some of our own favourite stories of modern sporting trial and triumph to illustrate those same spiritual truths in our generation. 

We hope to see you there…

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Week 1: Sunday 7 August

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Week 2: Sunday 14 August

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Week 3: Sunday 21 August

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