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View fom the Pew – Equip Training Week

View from the pew

I was able to attend 2 sessions during last week’s equip training week – the ‘Leading Simply Christianity’ seminar run by Sandy and the ‘Thinking Globally & Partnering Well with Mission’ seminar run by Dave. Both were very encouraging, specifically regarding evangelism. I am stoked to be a part of a church that encourages and prioritises sharing the gospel with the lost – whether right here in Wollongong, or partnering with those who are taking the gospel to the nations.

“For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations” (Psalm 22:28)

The Simply Christianity seminar was very helpful in thinking about how I can personally play a part in our church’s vision of seeing more disciples of Jesus shine as lights in our city. I found it helpful when Sandy pointed out that we aim to “let the Gospel tell the gospel”, as the course takes the attendees through the whole book of Luke’s Gospel. This means grown adults can say that they have read one of the original biographies of the most important man in human history, enabling them to make their own mind up about who he really is.

Regardless of whether I end up leading the course or not, after hearing about how approachable and non-threatening the course is, I invited some of my non-believing friends to join, trying my best to persuade them with Sandy’s famous Toblerone Cheesecake. However, I do hope to lead the course in the future as I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and to serve the Lord Jesus at church.

The Global Mission seminar was extremely encouraging and challenging. I was encouraged by hearing of Dave’s own example of how he engaged with God’s plan for the nations before he became a missionary, specifically in prayer. There were 3 things that I was particularly challenged by. The first was Dave’s prayer prompting methods, where he would choose a specific place/missionary to pray for each time he did a specific action or saw a specific object. For example, saying a short prayer for a missionary each time he put in his computer password or opened the fridge.

I was also challenged to engage more with prayer newsletters for our link missionaries, specifically in replying to them. Dave shared at just how encouraging it was for them to receive the (very few) responses they got to their prayer newsletters and challenged us to engage more with them.

The last thing I was challenged by was to attend the commissioning services of our link missionaries. Dave shared how important it is for members of the congregation to attend these services as it is the last thing they remembered before returning overseas. Just being present sends a strong message of support. Since meeting Dave and Liz, I’ve been motivated to make a weekly prayer schedule (as well as using the CMS prayer diary), to pick an object that will prompt prayer and to subscribe to one of our link missionaries newsletters (and being intentional in replying to them).

I’m very thankful for the training opportunities available here at St. Michaels and thankful for all who organised such a great week!

Jake Parker
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