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View from the Couch

View from the couch

Given the recent flexibility, I have been considering whether to write a view from the pew or a view from the couch. My body tells me a view from the couch might be more comfortable, so that’s where I will be writing this.

As a Uni student studying engineering, I have often received this advice towards the future career ‘Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, everyone makes them… Just so long as the mistakes aren’t too big’. The disclaimer at the end doesn’t really give much comfort to the advice. But after hearing of the Opal Tower problems in 2019, it’s important to make sure these building designs have been well checked for mistakes! Let’s hope that is true for the Wollongong apartments going up!

There are many mistakes that are clear to us as we look around at the moment, and I have found many opportunities to point the finger. Were they being ‘Covid safe’? Should they have been travelling/distancing/masking up? Was this a wise decision by that leader? Should they have signed off on that design?

As I see these, and other big mistakes happening around the world, I find myself thinking that the world needs some help from all these mistakes. The book of Romans talks about mistakes we make.

Romans 3:10 says ‘As the scriptures say, no one is righteous, not even one’

Romans 3:23 says ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’.

Paul didn’t brush over this fact. ‘All’ means everyone. Every individual to ever live has made mistakes and awaits God’s wrath. When you bring yourself to be humbled by this truth, it reminds you of the unavoidable need for a saviour. You are truly in need of a life-saving buoy to be thrown out to you in your mess. You need the personal Saviour Jesus. Once we discover this deep need, the grace of Jesus is all the more precious and meaningful to our life.

A friend of mine said to me of the need to preach yourself the gospel, even if you have heard it before. John Chapman was mentioned as a strong supporter of this. Preach to yourself of your sinful mistakes and the need to come to Jesus. Preach to yourself the power of the cross, and the empty grave!

My hope is that as a church, we can continue to remember the need for the Saviour, and help each other to go deeper in knowing God’s grace. We need that Saviour, as kids and as oldies, both for the world, and our very own lives. It truly does make that word ‘grace’ so amazing.

Titus 2:11 ‘For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.’

Josh Heins
7pm Congregation & 9:30am Kids Church Leader

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