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What do you collect?

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I am a serial camp collector. I have my name tags from all the MMM camps I went on, I have my name tags from all the LiT camps I went on, I even have every single wristband from all 5 of the KYCK camps that I attended during my time at St Michael’s youth.

I think, though, that some of my favourite camp ‘collectors items’ are my KYCK booklets that we get every year. I have them all, in a drawer, and every now and then I like to read through them and reflect on what I was able to learn from all these years of attending KYCK.

This year, I have to say, was one of the most challenging years yet. The book of 1 Peter can be hard to swallow at some points, and each of the speakers (Matt Sparks, Danny Mitchell, and Sam Low) did a great job of opening this book with 2000 youth and explaining and unpacking this part of the Bible.

Over the years KYCK has been a great weekend away with the youth group, being able to spend time each day learning and worshipping. Each year has provided some sort of new insight into the bible, and helped on the walk with God.

It’s important to reflect on this year’s KYCK, to share encouragement. But I think that KYCK isn’t just about what you learn one weekend once, it’s about being able to use wisdom and help gained from each weekend and applying to our everyday walk with God.

So with that in mind, I thought I would share a little wisdom that I gained from every year I’ve been to KYCK, as told by my previous booklets:

2014: The narrow road is the harder road, yet it leads to Jesus in whom our future is anchored.

2015: We can have certainty in the Bible and who it says Jesus is, we have a certainty in Jesus’ ultimate victory.

2016: Our worth is in God, for while we were dead in our sin, God made us alive in Christ.

2017: We do not stand on wishful thinking and blind hope, rather we stand on a promise kept. And so we must live for eternity.

2018: We are called to be set apart, yet God has power for us if we depend on him. Through our trials, we can hear the promise of our hope.

So I’m glad I’m a serial collector. Even while writing this I was encouraged by each word that I had written in these books. This year, KYCK called us to be different – to live in the world, but not to be a true part of it. We can only do that through the continual encouragement of the Bible, and so that’s why I think camps like KYCK are so important because they provide a time in which we can immerse ourselves in the word.

Daily Bible reading is so so important. But also it’s really such a blessing to be able to get away and spend time really focussing on God.

I’d encourage each and every youth to go as many times as possible… and don’t throw away those books!

Lili Copland
Night Church (7pm) member

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