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A loving community for adults with intellectual disabilities

About Jesus Club

Jesus Club is a loving community for adults with intellectual disabilities, where people feel safe and valued. We run Jesus Club because we believe everyone matters to God!

If you are over 18, enjoy music and being creative with art and craft, making new friends, and learning about Jesus from the Bible—Jesus Club is for you!

To find out more about how our church is committed to ensuring it is accessible by all people, please see our Disability Access page for more information.

Disability Access
Wollongong Anglican Church - Jesus Club Member holding a piece of craft

What we do

Each week we enjoy;

  • music
  • learning from the Bible
  • craft
  • delicious food

We also have plenty of time to get to know each other and build genuine friendships, in a safe and caring environment.

2024 Dates

Members of the Jesus Club having fun making music

6 February
20 February
5 March
19 March
2 April
16 April

30 April
14 May
28 May
11 June
25 June

9 July
23 July
6 August
20 August
3 September
17 September

1 October
15 October
29 October
12 November
26 November
10 December


Where should I park?

There are available parking spots on site. There is also street parking, and the car park across the street on the northern side.

Can I/ should I come as a carer?

You are welcome to stay and be as involved as is helpful, or you can return at the end of our time together.

Do I have to participate in every activity?

You are welcome to participate as much as you would like to. If you feel more comfortable observing that is absolutely fine!

Should I have dinner before I come?

Yes, have dinner before you come. We have a light supper at the end of the evening.

What happens during the school holidays?

We run continuously through the year, and only take a break during the Christmas/New Year period.

Who runs Jesus Club?

Jesus Club is a voluntary program run by a team of 9 members from St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral. All our church staff and volunteers (who work with children, youth, and vulnerable people) are required to comply with Safe Ministry guidelines and regulations to ensure it’s a safe space for everyone.

How much does it cost?

If able please donate $2

Meet the team!

Absent: Charlotte & Rachel

Our Jesus Club team members can’t wait to meet you!


‘I have appreciated Jesus Club because they have given my son Ryan an opportunity to interact and socialise with others, not only with peers but with the ever-patient helpers. Everyone has welcomed us as a whole family; [my husband and I both] enjoy coming.’

Yvette (Parent)

I enjoy the drama because it helps me understand Jesus' teachings.

Ryan (member)

‘The Jesus Club came recommended to me. I elected to attend only out of respect. On the way into the Jesus Club I advised a volunteer that we had previously tried similar options, in other cities, and had been discouraged. That same evening, following our first taste of this Jesus Club, I contacted the volunteer, letting them know that I had been so wrong and we were committed to regular attendance!

The program is predictable, run to a high standard, and appropriate for people with intellectual disabilities.
Amongst the numerous volunteers there are a great mix of people. I was surprised but delighted to discover that the group is well-resourced in every way.

I find the volunteers to be supportive, kind and respectful, of both my adult child with a disability, and me…
Of late I have begun to make some connections with other people whose situations are similar to my own and this has been helpful in many ways.’

Tania (parent)

While my participant at Jesus Club is unable to articulate his perception of what's being offered (in the required format) I am able to tell you with certainty how he feels about it.

Jesus Club has given him a sense of joy and delight, expressed in laughter, smiles, dance-like movement and a willingness to return every fortnight! It has also provided some opportunity for him to accomplish tasks, and so experience the satisfaction and pride that comes with such.

He has also made sense of some of the Christian content which remains a rare experience for him.

Tom (member)

I love leading the team at Jesus Club! Our club reflects the truth that everyone is precious to God, created in His image, and that the message of the good news about Jesus is for all!
It is a joy to work with our leadership team, who are skilled and genuinely care. I’ve also loved meeting each of our members who come from all parts of the district. A community has been created at our Jesus Club which is kind, fun, and loves learning about Jesus.
Coming to Jesus Club is definitely a highlight of my week!

Anna Smith (Jesus Club Coordinator)


Learn more & plan your visit

Let us know if you’d like more information, or tell us when you’re planning to visit so we can look out for you and greet you personally at the door.

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Getting here


7-8:30pm every second Tuesday


St Michael’s Wollongong Church Hall, 74 Church St Wollongong.

Can I park?

There are available parking spots on site. There is also street parking, and the car park across the street on the northern side.

Contact us

Anna Smith (Jesus Club Coordinator)
0424 340 687