Each congregation also has an appointed mission ‘champion’ who has an ongoing relationship with the mission partners, and acts as the point of contact between the mission partner and the congregation. There is also be regular prayer for and monthly updates on these mission partners in our Sunday services.

We continue our commitment to have grace flow through us by financially supporting other missionaries and projects through our Annual Thanksgiving Day, which will be on Sunday 29th September 2024.

Who do we support as a Church?

Revelation 7:9-10 gives us a glimpse of when Christ will return and all those who trust in Him will be gathered together in praise, joy, and awe. We anticipate this day with longing, but even now God gives us glimpses as we participate in his great salvation plan. In line with that, at St Michael’s, we support mission through deep, practical, and prayerful partnership.

As a church we support a number of missionaries and organisations, both near and afar. This support is financial, practical, spiritual, and relational. To partner with depth and meaningful relationship, each congregation has one focus missionary, and one focus organisation (see below).

Congregation Missionary Organisation
8 am C & L (CMS) Anglicare
9:45 am Karina Brabham (CMS) Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (UOW)
10 am Brendon Garlett (Shoalhaven Aboriginal Community Church) Northern Illawarra Scripture Board
11:30 am EEC Anna Radkovic (CMS) Anglican Aid
5 pm Wayne Pickford (Berkeley Life Centre) Wollongong Combined Churches Education Board (WCCEB)
7 pm Tim Smith (Grenfell Anglican) Anglicare


* Our children’s programs support the same missionaries as the associated congregation, and Youth Group has joined the 7pm service supporting Tim Smith & Anglicare.