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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

Come, Let Us Reason Together

My best pastor friend in the USA independently confirmed to me that the three big questions addressed by Kevin DeYoung are very real across churches there: racism, COVID and the Presidential election. DeYoung gives a lot of humble helpful suggestions for making progress when those who profess Christ disagree.


Hope When Your Spouse Divorces You

Such a difficult topics to write on, littered with pain and questions and suspicions. So no one article can fit everyone’s experience. Yet it is important to give voice to the reality that many Christians face the situation of divorce and have to try and live through it with God’s help.


The Roman Road from Insurrection

As a concerned Christian in Australia, I found Russell Moore’s scriptural reflections on Trump and the recent US Capitol events very well worth the read. By the way, I am more interested in Dr Moore’s exploration of Romans than the precise application to the current events. (At a great distance, I would not presume to know if impeachment is justified or wise at this point.)

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