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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

Obeying government and obeying God

As you know, I have been advocating publicly and writing to our political representatives urging them to be reasonable and equitable for places of worship in the removal of COVID19 measures as pubic health concerns allow. Here the Archbishop writes about what our attitude to the government should be…


Halloween – A ‘Treat’ of an Opportunity!

Stacey recommended this article. And I can report I have done this in our street before. Lolly bags plus a Colin Buchanan kids video. I put up a poster of the Narnia series with fantastical characters featured at our front door. I explained we were Christians who believed Jesus had risen from the dead, and that meant we weren’t afraid of other powers or creatures. Where parents accompanied their kids, they seemed to appreciate our way of participating. This year, I think I will include an advert for my next Simply Christianity course on Zoom.


Equitable Treatment for Churches

And for those who did not see my public comments advocating for a reasonable and equitable removal of COVID restrictions on churches, you can see a link to them via our Facebook post, which is accessible even if you do not have Facebook yourself.

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