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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

When Death Walks Down The Hall

The State of Origin certainly doesn’t matter. Not even the American election result really matters. Not when your only son dies… Read this and then please pray for the original evangelical blogger, Tim Challies, and his family.


Can Sinners Please God?

God is pleased with you if you live, and do ministry, to please him … But make sure you receive this message in the right way! …In and through his Son.


The kind of pastor that’s hard to find

Tony Payne writes of one that’s surprisingly missing… (makes me grateful to Stacey’s and the team’s work this week!)

There was a time—it didn’t seem so very long ago—when there were only a few options. You could be a plain unadorned ‘Pastor’ or ‘Minister’, or you could put a few simple modifiers in front of that if you had to—like ‘Assistant’ or ‘Associate’ or maybe ‘Youth’.

But today, the possibilities are endless. You can be a Lead, Senior, Executive, Discipleship, Children’s, …Worship, Creative Arts, Mission, Evangelism, Community, Maturity, Membership, Ministry or Magnification Pastor—and I’m sure many others besides.

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