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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

The Apostles’ Creed (7): He Descended into Hell

Rory Shiner writes beautifully. In this article, he outlines how to understand that puzzling line in the Creed often translated as “he descended into hell”, but also finds significance you might miss in the prior line that Christ “died and was buried”.  Here’s just one sample of Rory’s creative way with words: Jesus “returned from a destination famous for only issuing one-way tickets.”


By Faith We Let Them Go

Tim Challies’ son, Nick, died suddenly aged just 20. Challies says this reflection from Spurgeon was sent to him at just the right time… It begins: “O death! Why do you touch the tree beneath whose spreading branches weariness finds rest? Why do you snatch away the excellent of the earth, in whom is all our delight?”


5 Principles for Thinking Through a Return to Church

Much as we’d like it just to “go back to normal” we have to keep thinking about the issues Stephanie Judd raises in her sensible article. If you can return, remember how hard it must be for those who cannot gather – in Australia because of health concerns, for example, or in countries where persecution makes it hard, as we recently heard from returned missionaries.

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