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Sandy’s Three of the Week

Sandy's Three of the Week

Becoming Humble Interpreters of God’s Unchanging Word

People like to say it all depends on how you interpret the Bible, as they assert their own, sometimes quirky opinions of it. This article concludes a 4 part series from Trevin Wax on humble biblical interpretation. You could just read this conclusion. But maybe it will encourage a few of you to read the whole series.


Don’t Overstate the Rewards of Sexual Faithfulness. Don’t Understate Them Either.

This book review of Rachel Welcher’s critique of ‘purity culture’ (e.g. as seen in I kissed dating goodbye) is helpful in its own right and may encourage some to buy Welcher’s book itself. Potentially important for youth and young adult ministry leaders, but really for most settings of adult life.


The Apostles’ Creed (8): On the Third Day He Rose Again

Tim Patrick continues TGC-Australia’s series on the Apostles Creed with pretty much my favourite topic: the resurrection! He shows that how it is far more, but never less, of proof of who Jesus really is, nor just  restoration to present life, but so much more.

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