How good is God! He gives us all we need in Christ. He has provided for our eternity. He has made a way to move us from death to life. On top of all this he gives us many temporary joys, including sport, and even cycling (as strange as it is to me). Knowing the great giver helps us to enjoy the gifts he gives us rightly. It also goes the other way. We can use the good things in life to point people to the giver of life.

During 2 weeks in September God will bring many people to Wollongong to watch the road bike world championship. We can use this, as we can use any circumstance, to point people to Christ. We can do this through a number of ways.


  • Wear a ‘Jesus is’ shirt, or other similarly messaged apparel, when out and about in those weeks.
  • Attend the race with friends who don’t yet know Christ. Use the time to share your interest in cycling, and your passion for Jesus.
  • Volunteer at the event. Witness through your good conduct and speech as you serve alongside others.
  • The race will certainly be a topic of conversation for the two weeks it runs. Work out how you can move from there to the gospel in a way that is natural to your circumstance and personality. You can practice a conversation you know will happen.
  • Don’t whinge. There will be inconveniences for those who live here. Stand out as someone whose life is marked by gratitude.

If you would like to volunteer and be a witness to Christ at the UCI event, the volunteer form is attached here for you to apply. 

The keys are: Be passionate, understand the reality of heaven and hell and great need for all know Christ. Be intentional, opportunities abound, we need to pray that God will open our eyes to them. Be bold, the Spirit works through weakness and in unexpected ways. He can use any circumstance and anyone. What is needed in every case, is for all who are lost to turn to Christ in repentance and faith.

Mitch Walker