Leadership Team

Our Staff Team

Some staff are portfolio (working with specific people according to ministry) others are ‘pastoral’ (working with ‘whoever’ according to congregation). Click the profile for contact information!

Mark Smith Senior Minister St Michael's Anglican Cathedral
Senior Minister


Mark is responsible for overseeing the ministry of St Michael's and particularly pastors the 8am, 9:45am & 7pm congregations.

Mark is responsible for overseeing the ministry of St Michael's and loves seeing people discovering the depths of Jesus' love. Originally from Sydney, he’s had the privilege of serving Jesus in both city and country, in Australia and overseas. Married to Anna, they are blessed with 5 children (several of them are now adults).
Community Pastor


Mitch is our community pastor, focusing on Engaging our community with sacrificial love and Evangelising the lost with the gospel of Jesus.

Mitch attends the 9:45 service with his wife and 3 children. As a star wars fan, he chose his wife, Skye, purely because of her name. Praise God it worked out anyway. Mitch secretly wishes he was Indiana Jones. He loves church, country Australia, sport, reading, learning, and family.
Assistant Minister (PT)


Joe pastors the 11:30am Easy English congregation.

Joe is a husband, the father of three adults and a child of the creator of the universe because Jesus chose to die for him. What a lucky chook!
Admin Assistant (PT)


Jodie assists with administration.

Jodie is married to John and has two daughters. She’s passionate about serving the parish in her role and using it as a ministry opportunity to the community. She loves spending quality time with friends and family over coffee and being involved in the 9:45 am service at St Michael’s.
Senior Assistant Minister


Liam pastors the 10am and 5pm congregations.

Liam pastors the 10am and 5pm services. Married to Liz, with four kids, Liam loves soccer and looks forward to the new creation.
Children's Minister


Meaghan directs and leads the ministry team for Children (under 12s).

A former preschool teacher and the third of six children, Meaghan is at home in the joy and chaos of Children’s Ministry and passionate about walking alongside young children as they discover more and more about their gracious God together. She also loves to play soccer and design and create event florals.
Ministry Apprentice (FT)


Eden is growing in ministry skills, and is particularly involved in the 10am and 7pm congregations.

Eden attends the 11:30 and 7pm congregations with her husband Jake. She loves serving in music and at the junior youth group. Eden enjoys spending time outside at the beach or in the bush, but most of all she loves reading the Bible with people and growing in her knowledge and love of Jesus alongside others.
Admin Assistant (PT)


Morwenna is our wedding coordinator and bookkeeper.

Morwenna loves being part of God’s family at St Michael’s along with her husband, Jon, and their 2 children. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Assistant Minister


Stacey pastors the 8am, 9:45am and 7pm congregations, and coordinates serving across the church.

Stacey has been a follower of Jesus for as long as she can remember, and is thankful for the opportunity to be involved in discipling others at St Michael’s. Her main focus is on ministry training and the ‘Equipping’ aspect of our discipleship pathway. Stacey and her husband Mark moved to Wollongong with three pre-schoolers, but are somehow now the parents of four adults.
Parish Administrator


Catriona manages the administration team, and assists the Wardens looking after property matters.

Catriona has lived in the Gong and attended St Michael’s since 2013. She attends the 9:45 service with her husband, Jonno, and their young kids. She has a background in Exercise Science and Research, and uses her varied skills to support the running of the church so that the disciples of Jesus would grow.
Admin Assistant (PT)


Nicole assists with administration and communications.

Nicole attends the 5pm congregation with her husband Pete and their 4 kids. She loves the diverse opportunities to serve the St Michael's community and staff in her role in the office! You might catch her soaking up God's creation in the garden, the ocean, or on a bushwalk.
Communications Assistant (PT)


Chloe assists in communications.

Chloe is a uni student studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of International Studies and a leader at Junior Youth. She loves any activity involving the ocean and/or drinking an (extra strong) oat cappucino, sharing in fellowship at night church, and seeing youth grapple with the gospel!
Overseers of gospel ministry to model godliness, teach truth, provide strategic direction to the whole parish, and better equip & encourage all member for works of service.
Elected & selected congregation members to strategically resource, endorse and provide framework for ministries in accordance with the church’s vision (strategic direction).
Providing administrative support to enable good communication across the parish & managing practical, people & financial resources to help gospel ministry flourish.
Selected leaders with Responsibility to model & teach godliness & the pastoral care of members.
Selected congregants who ensure the welcome & integration of newcomers & the encouragement of members outside the Growth Group structure.
The Wardens have the oversight of church property and the trusteeship of all monies held by St Michael’s. Parish Council meets monthly and deals with church property, finance, and administrative matters. In addition, the Senior Minister confers with the Parish Councillors in the initiation, conduct & development of church work; and they consult on projects affecting the interests of the parish generally. Parish Councillors and Wardens are elected each year at an Annual General Meeting where all are welcome to attend.